Biophoton Realignment Mirror Technique

Research has shown that the cells in our bodies communicate via light particles. Research has also shown that we emit and absorb what are called “biophotons”.

Biophotons are tiny packets of light that carry information. In other words, little bits of information that enter and leave our bodies. Many people have heard of fiber optics that communication companies use to send information over long distances. Fiber optics works on pulses of light. Our bodies also emit and absorb pulses of light. It is one of the unseen ways that we communicate with each other. Beings of the same species may emit and absorb biophotons from one another.

Biophotonic energy might be the driving force for all the molecules in the human body. The cell emanates the most light during cell birth and death. Any change in the biological or physiological state of the living system is reflected in the biophoton emission.

Biophoton Realignment Mirror Technique ensures that your body receives a clean ‘update’ from its own emanating light.  The body’s light is reflected back through a filter and mirror system.

What does a session include?

During a session, you will be tested to see which mirrors respond specifically to your needs and body’s light.  Any chaotic light is realigned so the cells may function more optimally.

Your own “being” innately knows how to heal itself and so Biophoton Realignment Therapy stimulates the body’s own self-alignment capacity by ‘re-informing’ it of its own living light potential. Your body will recognize this light information because it is a true reflection of itself. The mirrors do not reflect the issues that you are facing, but they do give you back your own ‘coherent’ light, which is the real solution to eradicating your own personal pain and suffering. Reflecting these optimum light particles back towards your own being, gives you a small, but very significant, ‘divine’ boost in your healing processes and self-regulatory systems.

During an appointment you will remain fully clothed. The practitioner finds out which parts of the body need most attention and which of the different filters is most suitable. Then the mirror, which has individually tested for you, will be brought into your field, sometimes centimeters away or maybe up to several meters away from the body. When this is done and the right resonance spot has been found, usually both patient and practitioner feel a kind of «electric flow», a subtle pressure or a temperature change.

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